How is Solar Power Generated?

Solar energy is one of the best ways in which electricity can be currently generated. There are specific components that allow this process to happen. First of all, solar panels have to be properly placed in a roof system.

Installing Solar Panels

Solar Panels and Roof Placement

First of all, the roof in which the panels will be placed should contain 6c7tf8g9uno shades in order to maximize the energy gathered from the sun. Preferably, the whole installation should be facing the South (in the Northern hemisphere). It’s interesting to note that if a panel is shaded in a system containing around 40 panels, the whole electricity production will be cut by 50%. Thus, nothing should be blocking the sunlight from the panels in the roof. Solar panels should be placed at an angle of 43 degrees for optimal conversion.

Solar panels are modules made up of photo-voltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity instead of heat. These cells are made up of silicon. These cells have two parts, a positive and a negative silicon film located under a thin frame of glass. The sunlight contains photons. When these photons reach the cells, electrons are kicked off from one silicon film to the other. This in turns creates an electric voltage that is collected, stored, and channeled. This is done by pairing several solar panels one next to the other creating an array. All of this system has a set of photo-voltaic cables transporting the electricity from the panels to an …