Cars that run on Solar power

Because of a general lack of sufficient fuel and unstable fuel prices in public transport, it is necessary for most of us to rely on Cars that run on Solar power and own one. It is best to make sure this transport system is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Why the Sun?

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There is an incredible amount of energy from the sun falling on the surface of the earth each day. That energy could easily power all human industry and other activity many times over. Much of this energy is reflected from the surface back into space as light. More energy is radiated back into space as heat, which is also called infra-red energy.

Solar panel in Cars

The true wonder of the solar panel in cars is that it converts sunlight that is already falling on the earth’s surface directly into electricity. That is the light that would otherwise be reflected as light or radiated as heat back into space, or it may have been absorbed to create sugar molecules by the plants. The solar panel efficiently stores the energy in the sunlight as electrical energy. That energy can be transported to different locations where it can be used to do work. Once the electricity has been used, the energy in it is invariably released to the environment as heat. This medium means that a solar panel effectively converts sunlight into heat that is transferred from one place to another, but it allows work to be done on the way.

Less Pollution

th66hrcThis system is a much better option than burning fossil fuels for energy. As their name implies, fossil fuels are long-buried sources of energy. When these are used, the energy released from them ends up in the atmosphere. This will produce an overall increase in the energy content of the atmosphere. A significant cause of concern for the energy in the atmosphere is directly related to both the climate and weather patterns.

The Future

Clearly being able to use sunlight to power our vehicles is a great step forward. Indeed, it is feasible. Electric cars, and hybrid cars to a lesser extent, are powered by plugging them into the mains power grid. The solar energy charges the batteries that run the car and thus avoid the need to burn fuel. All we require to do is make sure that our electricity is coming from renewable sources, and we are effectively utilizing the Cars that run on Solar power.