The Importance of Alternative Energy

The sun is a source of energy that is renewable and more or less unlimited. In fact, our sun is classified a dwarf star. The are many other stars in the universe that are much larger.

The earth has been around for billions of years, and the natural resources are not going to last forever. We have to find alternative means of power generation so that we can continue to have adequate energy to power the world.

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Generating electricity with the use of the sun’s rays is the cleanest energy generation there is. Unlike other forms of clean energy like wind, thermal and hydro, generating solar power is fairly straightforward. And does not take must effort. You can learn by installing solar panels.

How solar panels work

Solar panels work by harnessing and converting the sun’s energy into DC electricity. It uses panels that contain thin silicone films that convert the heat of the sun into a current.

Why should we consider solar panels

Solar panels are easy to use. There are many benefits that with using solar power. Here are a few of them.

1. Reduce electricity bills

If you install solar panels in your home, you can benefit from an electricity bill that will be close to zero. In some cases, you can even sell excess electricity to the power companies and earn an income. Even though the initial cost of installing solar panels in your home may look high, they will pay for themselves over …

How is Solar Power Generated?

Solar energy is one of the best ways in which electricity can be currently generated. There are specific components that allow this process to happen. First of all, solar panels have to be properly placed in a roof system.

Installing Solar Panels

Solar Panels and Roof Placement

First of all, the roof in which the panels will be placed should contain 6c7tf8g9uno shades in order to maximize the energy gathered from the sun. Preferably, the whole installation should be facing the South (in the Northern hemisphere). It’s interesting to note that if a panel is shaded in a system containing around 40 panels, the whole electricity production will be cut by 50%. Thus, nothing should be blocking the sunlight from the panels in the roof. Solar panels should be placed at an angle of 43 degrees for optimal conversion.

Solar panels are modules made up of photo-voltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity instead of heat. These cells are made up of silicon. These cells have two parts, a positive and a negative silicon film located under a thin frame of glass. The sunlight contains photons. When these photons reach the cells, electrons are kicked off from one silicon film to the other. This in turns creates an electric voltage that is collected, stored, and channeled. This is done by pairing several solar panels one next to the other creating an array. All of this system has a set of photo-voltaic cables transporting the electricity from the panels to an …

Cars that run on Solar power

Because of a general lack of sufficient fuel and unstable fuel prices in public transport, it is necessary for most of us to rely on Cars that run on Solar power and own one. It is best to make sure this transport system is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Why the Sun?

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There is an incredible amount of energy from the sun falling on the surface of the earth each day. That energy could easily power all human industry and other activity many times over. Much of this energy is reflected from the surface back into space as light. More energy is radiated back into space as heat, which is also called infra-red energy.

Solar panel in Cars

The true wonder of the solar panel in cars is that it converts sunlight that is already falling on the earth’s surface directly into electricity. That is the light that would otherwise be reflected as light or radiated as heat back into space, or it may have been absorbed to create sugar molecules by the plants. The solar panel efficiently stores the energy in the sunlight as electrical energy. That energy can be transported to different locations where it can be used to do work. Once the electricity has been used, the energy in it is invariably released to the environment as heat. This medium means that a solar panel effectively converts sunlight into heat that is transferred from one place to another, but it allows work to …